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The decision to enroll your child in both kindergarten and primary school is not an easy one. Read the answers to the most common questions that parents contact us with.

What are the criteria for admissions to Splash International?

At Splash International, we accept children, regardless of their English level. The provided education poses a challenge for the learners; however, our experienced teachers use various methods to help the children learn and use the newly acquired knowledge in everyday life.

How is education at Splash different from other schools?

At Splash International, we emphasize the quality of education that is provided in an interactive way. The students are led to be independent thinkers, critical thinking and applying the knowledge in the practical situations. The classes have a small number of students, which allows us to work with the children individually supporting their strengths and the areas that need improvement.

Is the school preparation time-demanding for the parents?

The homework at Splash International is completed in the afternoon club at school. The children are asked to read a book at home with their parents as part of homework. We also provide healthy morning and afternoon snack for the children. Moreover, you can also find a wide variety of afterschool activities under one roof, in order to support the parent in holistic development of their child.

Is it possible to transfer to Splash from another school or during the school year?

At Splash International, we accept the children into all of the classes and grades that are currently open. We are flexible and can accept the children even during a school year.

How are the students at Splash evaluated?

We use narrative evaluation at Splash International. In addition to regular transcript with narrative evaluation, the parents also receive a detailed narrative report twice a year, describing the subjects and topics of the given semester and the strengths and areas that need more support for their child.

Are extracurricular activities and an afternoon school club provided to pupils in Spash?

At Splash International, we provide children with a wide range of extracurricular activities led by educated experts in the field, all under one roof. In the afternoon, pupils can sign up for a chess or ceramics club, a Lego programming club, we also offer musical instrument courses - flute, violin, guitar, in addition, we teach other foreign language according to interest, e.g. Spanish, German or Russian. Children who do not attend extracurricular activities can stay in the school club in the afternoon, which is free of charge for our students and open until 16.30. Within the club, they do their homework, they can go out to the playground or play inside.

What does a day at Splash School look like?

The day at Splash School starts at 8.00, but the school is open from 7.30. In the morning, pupils have the most important subjects such as English, Math, Sciencie and Slovak, after the second lesson the children have a big break, during which we go out. After the fourth lesson, the children have lunch and go out again for about 40 minutes. In the afternoon, children have ethical, musical, physical and art education, in addition to computer science.

How many lessons per week are taught in English?

During the week, children have up to 21 lessons in English, as in addition to Slovak, which is taught in Slovak, other subjects are in English.
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