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5 reasons for a primary school with innovative education in English

Enrolling a first grader is often stressful for parents. As a parent, in addition to practical matters such as transportation or school distance, you consider to a large extent the quality of the educational process and the safety of the environment in which your child will spend the school life. There are indeed many criteria and sometimes it is very difficult to make the right choice. Therefore, at Splash International we take this process very seriously from the very beginning, to make it as easy as possible for you to decide. Let us introduce you to our school and the possibilities it brings to your child.

1. International teaching in English

Our entire educational process is delivered in English, except for the Slovak language lessons. The system and content of our education is based on a British educational program adapted for international schools and international standardized resources. Our school is certified both by the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic as well as International Pearson Edexcel Certification. Our students thus receive an education in English compatible with the International standards. This allows them to continue their education not only in other Slovak but also international schools after graduating from our school.

2. A unique real-world experience education

The way of teaching at Splash International is unique. We teach according to the latest trends in education, which reflect the needs and the demands placed on future generations. In teaching, we use books and teaching materials with interesting content that naturally motivate students to learn and explore.

We understand the importance of connecting theoretical knowledge with practice, so we supplement theoretical education with practical examples. This way the students are able to implement the acquired knowledge into practice without the slightest problem. In the field of scientific subjects, we explore and perform various experiments. We emphasize hands-on experience and education, therefore we only use technology to supplement teaching, thus minimizing the time spent in front of the screen.

3. Individual approach to children and parents

At Splash International, we provide children with an individual approach as much as possible. Our teaching takes place in small groups and in an ideal student/teacher ratio. The small numbers of pupils in the classroom also create space for the specific development of the child in the areas of his or her special talents, abilities and skills, and for individual support and assistance in the areas in which he or she needs help.

Due to the individual approach, we are also aware of the importance of communication with the parents. At the end of the day, we discuss the most important events of the day at school with the parents, whether it is the teaching itself or the behavior and progress of their child. We also listen to the individual requirements of parents. Should the situation require it, we agree on mutual procedures aimed at improvement of the child.

4. Verbal evaluation and all-round development

We use verbal assessment in evaluating our students, as it reduces stress and provides parents with a more comprehensive picture of their child’s progress, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. We care about the comprehensive and all-round development of our students, so in addition to education, we also focus on social and emotional developmentl. In addition, we provide them with a wide range of extracurricular and afternoon activities in the form of sports courses (skating, skiing and swimming courses), or extracurricular activities. In the afternoon, we work together on homework, thus minimizing the time spent on homework at home.

5. We accept students regardless of their English level

Our school offers a modern education system and a wide range of versatile activities that move our education to an above-standard level. The way we teach and the number of English lessons provided easily help to overcome the language barrier. Therefore, we accept children into our school, regardless of their level of English.

We would be happy to introduce our school to you in person

We have arranged the premises of our school so that children always feel welcome. It helps them overcome initial fears or uncertainties. We will be happy to present our premises and the school to you at a personal meeting. It is recommended to visit the school with your child as the first impression of the student says a lot. Make an appointment with us by phone at +421 908 317 699 or by email at school@splashinternational.sk.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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