Splash International is...

devoted to childcare and education in the early stages of life.

Our Kindergarten is called Splash as a symbol of children's  spontaneity and enjoyment to dive into unknown waters of life. Do not hesitate to jump with us into that magical world.

 It is an International Kindergarten for children with the whole day program in English language exclusively.  We provide  care and education for children aged 2 to 6 years old in Private Kindergarten that is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Slovakia.

 We also provide K-8 education for children from 6 to 15 years old in our Homeschooling Center using a fully accredited curriculum in the USA. Whole day instruction is also provided in English, some of the classes and activities are organized in cooperation with local Slovak school.


Mirka Holéczyová

Kindergarten teacher

My name is Mirka Holeczyova. I am a teacher for 3/4 and 5/6- year old children. I have a Master's degree in Primary Education from University of Pavol Jozef Šafarik in Prešov. I worked for QSI International School of Košice as a Slovak Language and PE teacher, teacher's assistant and a head teacher for 3-4 year-old children. Before joining International education I worked at several Slovak primary schools as a class teacher and English language teacher for children aged 6 to 10. During my teaching career I completed English teaching training based on CLIL method in Exeter UK, and took exams in English language and teaching methodology. I also travelled and lived in other European countries, where I loved the way children were raised and educated. I'm married and have two children. ​ To provide quality English preschool education was the major reason I decided to open a private preschool with my friends and colleagues. I´m looking forward to teach, support, and motivate young children to have the best year here at Splash International.

Milka Kovalčíkova

Homeschool teacher

My name is Milka Kovalcikova and I am the teacher for homeschooling children. I come from a family of teachers. I have completed my Master's degree at University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in the area of Public Policy and Public Administration. I have worked and taught children from disadvantaged communities in the past. Later, I started working at QSI International School of Košice as teacher's assistant in preschool, Slovak Language teacher, Cultural Studies and Science teacher, Mathematics teacher, French Language teacher and Drama Teacher. ​ I completed an Internship with U.S. Department of State in 2012, which allowed me to visit several schools and educational facilities in different states across the USA and learn about different ways of teaching and working with ESL (English as Second Language) students. ​ It is my pleasure to be a co-founder of Splash International with my friends to provide quality international education for children in Košice and to see the "spark" in children's eyes, when they learn something new.

Eva Proczová

Office manager

My name is Eva Proczova. I am Registered Nurse and I am responsible for the administration and organizational issues at Splash Intenational. I completed my Master´s degree in Nursing at College of Health and Social Work of Saint Elizabeth in Prešov. I have been working as a nurse for 15 years at the 1st Private Hospital in Šaca. To explore more possibilities and challenges I have joined QSI International School of Košice in 2012, where I worked as office manager and school nurse. After QSI completed their operation in Košice we decided to continue the International education in our region. Hopefully we can help all the International families to fulfill their children's needs and provide International education to Slovak families as well.

Barbara Kauffman

Homeschool teacher

My name is Barbara Kauffman. I come from Montana in the US and graduated from Eastern Montana College with a BS Degree in Elementary Education, specializing in Early Childhood, qualifying me to teach grades K-8. I began teaching kindergarten in Montana, before accepting a position at International School in Sanaa, Yemen. There I taught Kindergarten, but also did a variety of classes with older students, incl. science, drama, PE, Music, and I started a Home Economics class for high school students. I was there for 6 years, before returning to the US to do some continuing education. ​ My next overseas assignment was in Hong Kong, where I taught English classes for 4 years, before moving to mainland China and teaching English in the University system, in Chengdu, Luoyang and Zhengzhou for 7 and a half years. After that I went back to the International School, in Wuhan and Shenzhen, China, teaching 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 year olds in different years. I spent 8 years teaching in QSI schools in China and half a year in Phuket, Thailand teaching 11 year olds and Intensive English. One of these schools was a start-up school that grew from 12 to over 200 students in 4 years. In 2013 I transferred to QSI International School of Kosice, where I taught 7- 8 year olds for 2 years and 5-6 year olds for a year. ​ I am very excited to be in on the ground level of another newly starting school. I have always loved working with students and finding new ways to challenge them in their quest for learning. I want them to be excited about learning new things, and to never stop, no matter how old they are.

José Arriola

Kindergarten teacher

My name is Jose Arriola and I’m a kindergarten teacher in the group of children from 4-6 years old at Splash International Kosice. I’m originally from Argentina and been living in many countries across South America and Europe. My vocation for working with children started back in South America when working for charitable organisations to support street children to gain access to education. In 2011, I successfully finished a BA (Hons) degree at the UCL Institute of Education. Later I decided to specialise in Early Years Education and in 2013 obtained an Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) Degree at London Metropolitan University. I have experience in working with children from 0-15 years in Nurseries, Kindergartens, Schools and Youth Centres. I’m passionate about working with children of all ages. Also, helping children to reach their full potential by extending their creativity, exploration skills, imagination, and learning opportunities through everyday activities.