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What does enrolling in primary school entail and how to prepare for it?

School choice

It all starts with choosing the right and most suitable school for your child. Many elementary schools have already had their open days. It is also beneficial to visit the school in person. Be sure to use it and arrange a personal meeting with us. We will show you our premises and equipment, and introduce you to how the teaching takes place entirely in English. As the only elementary school in eastern Slovakia, we teach according to the Pearson Edexcel international program in addition to teaching in the Slovak language. Our students have no problems transferring and continuing their studies at other schools in Slovakia or abroad.

School visit

Carefully prepare for the visit to the elementary school together with your future first-grader. It is important that you discuss with your child the upcoming changes in his life. Talk to him about the fact that he has already grown up and a new period is coming. For him, school will be a place where he will gain new knowledge and make new friends. When visiting the school, note, among other things, the equipment of the premises and their adaptation to the needs of the child. At Splash International, we emphasize conditions that create a stimulating environment for children, building different zones – e.g. for reading, resting, playing and learning, as children need change and movement during the day, even during school hours. It is important to perceive the child’s feelings. After leaving school, ask him if he liked school, what he liked the most and how he felt there. If the child is happy and relaxed when visiting the school, this is a good signal that will guide you in the right way when choosing.

Enrollment in elementary school

If you decide on one of the primary schools, enrollments are taking place in all schools in Slovakia this month. What to remember when registering? First of all, fill out an application for elementary school. It must be signed by both parents. You can find the application form on the school’s website or directly at the school. If your child has not yet turned 5 years old by September of the given school year and you want to enroll him in primary school early, it is necessary to undergo a psychological and medical examination with the child and attach a certificate from the kindergarten that he has completed compulsory pre-primary education. The rest of the registration process is simple and quick. In addition to the application form, bring the child’s birth certificate and identity cards to verify the correctness of the data. If your child meets all the conditions and you bring all the necessary documents with you, you will be able to register within a few minutes. During registration, you can view the school premises again and get information about teachers, subjects, aids and extracurricular activities. At Splash International, we are happy to answer any questions you may still have.

Enrollment in Splash International for the 2024/2025 school year

You can come to us for registration with your child on the following dates:

April 5 (Friday) from 16:00 to 18:00

April 6 (Saturday) from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m

April 8 (Monday) from 14:00 to 18:00

Are you still looking for a primary school for your child?

Come and see our international primary school. We will be happy to introduce it to you at Drábová 3 in Košice.

Do you want to enroll your child with us? Take advantage of a 10% discount on the annual tuition fee and save from 660 Euros per year. You can find the application form for our elementary school HERE.

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